Women in Technology Conference!

Women in Technology Conference!

This year, because of the generosity of the Colorado Technology Association, KidsTek Program Manager, Meghan Lang, was given a complimentary ticket to attend the annual Women in Technology (WIT) Conference. This year’s virtual conference was titled “For Women, For All.” The main purpose of this event is always to celebrate women in technology. Through speakers, meaningful discourse and a focus on networking, attendees received quite a large amount of content and knowledge.  

Frannie Matthews, President and CEO of the Colorado Technology Association said in an intro video, “Each year we gather over 600 women in one place to celebrate and support women within the technology community. CTA does this by putting together programs that include inspirational speakers, thoughtful professional development, and a focus on mentorship.” This is such a valuable experience that is now available to women all over the country on their virtual platform.  

Meghan shared her experience about the conference, “One of the most impactful sessions was an Interactive Workshop on Being Braver Sooner. The information delivered was based on seven years of study done by Brene Brown on Brave Leadership. The information delved into the different ways we respond to fear and how that can keep us from being our most authentic and courageous selves. It was really such a great reflection for myself and so many others.” This workshop was led by Laurel Smylie, who is an organization development consultant, coach, speaker, Managing Partner and Co-Founder of Four Letter Counseling.

KidsTek thanks the Colorado Technology Association for the chance for our employees to continue learning by attending these valuable events!

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