The Show Must Go On (Safely)!

The Show Must Go On (Safely)!

KidsTek’s remote after school enrichment classes in Aurora just wrapped up in the past couple weeks. Currently, instructors Emily Tow and Katy Limes are teaching remote classes for Florence Crittenton High and Hinkley High, respectively. As many of us are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel with the national pandemic, KidsTek’s goal is to continue to focus on the safety of our students and staff.

KidsTek’s first hybrid class of the year will begin on March 15th at North High School. Ms. Tow will be teaching the spring portion of KidsTek’s Business Computing course during this upcoming 4th Quarter session. Overall, North High has about half of their total student population attending in person, with many safety protocols in place. As of now, it looks like five of the 18 students enrolled in KidsTek’s class at North opted to be in-person for the return to the classroom. Instructor Emily Tow said, “Even though the majority of our students will be learning remotely, I’m looking forward to working in-person with those who have chosen to return and to more and more students making that choice as it becomes safer to do so.”

With this return to more in-person learning, KidsTek staff that will be in the schools were able to get vaccinated with the educators in Colorado’s 1B.2 phase. With this ease back in to more in-person meetings and classes with students, KidsTek will continue to follow safety protocols and adjust to this hybrid learning environment. Program Manager Meaghan Lang said, “It’s nice to be able to ease back into in-person learning when I am confident that North High School is doing a great job enforcing safety procedures. After such a strange year, it can be a bit anxiety-inducing to start doing more things in person, but I am grateful to work with schools and an organization that I can be confident has the best interests of both myself and others.”

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