The Power of Team Building

The Power of Team Building

It’s no secret that learning to work well with others at a young age helps children develop life skills that are necessary to become successful adults. After school programs are an opportunity for students to extend their learning of both academic interests as well as life skills. KidsTek instructors understand the value of both aspects of learning, which is why our staff often start class with a team building or icebreaker activity.

“Team builders are a fun and engaging way for students to learn communication skills, cooperation, leadership and critical thinking,“ explains KidsTek Instructor Luisa Zamora, “Through the hands-on structure of team builders, students are able to internalize and experientially connect these skills and apply them to other areas of their lives.” Luisa especially enjoys taking students outside when the weather is nice in order for them to get a quick brain break between the school day and the after school KidsTek program. These exercises also help a group of students who come from different grades and classes to get to know each other and feel a sense of community within their school.

Oscar Fernandez, an 8th grader at Aurora’s South Middle School, says these activities are fun for him and his classmates: “Teamwork is important because you have to talk and work together so that you can learn from one another… Plus you get to see other peoples’ perspective which is pretty cool.”

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