The KidsTek program at DCIS at Fairmont is growing!

The KidsTek program at DCIS at Fairmont is growing!

KidsTek just started its third program session for the 2014- 2015 school year at the Denver Center for International Studies (DCIS) at Fairmont Elementary.  We offer two classes after school; one Monday and Wednesday for 2nd-3rd graders and one for 2nd-4th graders on Tuesday and Thursday. The program has been steadily growing and we are currently at capacity in each class with a waiting list.
This class began the current session on January 12th with new instructor Jessica Taylor. Jessica is a paraprofessional at Centennial Elementary during the day and is teaching KidsTek classes for both DCIS at Fairmont and Centennial after school.
As with all KidsTek programs, the children at Fairmont are receiving technology instruction that is aligned with teaching standards created by the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE.)  ISTE standards are employed by KidsTek after school to ensure that we have technology instruction goals that coincide with what is taught during the school day itself and to ensure that our projects are age-appropriate and effective.
For example, the children at DCIS at Fairmont are currently working on a project that meets ISTE Standard #2 for their age group: “Use digital-imaging technology to modify or create works of art for use in a digital presentation by learning Power Point.”  Later this month, Fairmont students will be involved with projects that align with ISTE standards concerning digital creativity, innovation, communication and collaboration.
For more information about ISTE Standards for Students, please visit:  www.iste.org/standards/standards-for-students
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