Thank You!

Thank You!

It’s the time of year when everyone is thinking about gratitude and what they’re thankful for. At KidsTek, we have so many friends, supporters, partners, and staff to thank. First, thank you to our coworkers at PCs for People. From the incredible staff in Denver to the team nationwide, we are grateful for you! 

We also want to thank all of our partners at our sites. Thank you to Kathy, German, and the rest of the staff at North High; to T.J., Jen, Cathy, and the staff of Hinkley High; to Alec, Josh, and the staff at Florence Crittenton High; to Jill, Ismael, Sam, and the staff at COMPASS and our COMPASS partner sites; to Ashleigh, Angelica, and the staff at Warren Village First Step; and to all of the other fabulous educators with whom we’ve worked.

We are so grateful for our wonderful instructors, without whom our programs would not exist. Our instructors are creative, caring people who truly dedicate themselves to their students. Thanks to Katy, Megan, Kiki, Max, and all other KidsTek instructors past and future! 

Thank you to volunteers like Morgan, Robert, Nestor, Scott, and all of the other folks who donate their time and expertise to support our students. Thank you to longtime friends of KidsTek, whether individuals, organizations, or companies who have supported us through the years.

We are truly grateful for all of the support we receive and which we are able to pass on to our students. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for everything you all do for our students and our community!

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