Thank You for a Successful Year!

Thank You for a Successful Year!

As the KidsTek programs around the metro area wind down for the 2014-15 school year, we would like to thank everyone that contributed to providing quality technology classes to our students.
Our Schools
We sincerely appreciate the staff at all our partner schools for supporting the KidsTek program.  Host school staffs provide KidsTek with access to computer labs and tech support.  They also assist us in recruiting students that will benefit the most from extra technology instruction.  Without the cooperation and collaboration of our partner schools, KidsTek wouldn’t be able to offer our much-needed computer instruction at no cost to our participants and their families. If you are interested in having a KidsTek program at your school, please contact Andrew Bissland, Program Director, at andrew@kidstek.org.
Our Community Partners
KidsTek is fortunate to have many community supporters.  We work closely with business and technology leaders in the metro area to offer our students unique, hands-on opportunities.  KidsTek classes welcomed many guest speakers at our high school programs who in turn inspired our students to continue their education and pursue their dreams.  KidsTek also collaborated with our community partners to provide several opportunities for classes to visit local businesses. Thank you to everyone who volunteered their time and resources this year; your contribution has profoundly impacted the children we serve.  If you are interested in becoming a visitor to our schools and presenting to our students, please contact Lysa Stewart, Program Specialist, at lysa@kidstek.org.
Our Students
KidsTek loves our students!  The students in our programs are the reason we do what we do.  Every day, we have the privilege of watching kids learn new skills and apply themselves to their computer projects. They demonstrate hard work and dedication and we are proud of all their accomplishments. A HUGE thank you to everyone that attended a KidsTek program this year! KidsTek strives to continue to support students even after graduation by providing scholarship and internship opportunities through our KidsTek Alumni page on Facebook. To receive KidsTek Alumni updates, please like us at www.facebook.com/KidsTekAlumni.
Our Staff
We are so grateful to all our staff and their contributions to the KidsTek program. Our dedicated teachers create technology lessons based on the specific needs of the students and schools in which they are working. Our instructors make meaningful connections with their classes and work one-on-one with students; promoting life-long learning while increasing computer literacy. If you would like to make a difference in your community and become a KidsTek instructor, please contact Andrew Bissland, Program
Director, at andrew@kidstek.org.
Thank you to everyone that hosted, contributed, attended and instructed at our KidsTek program during this past school year!
We hope you all have a wonderful summer and look forward to seeing you in September 2015.
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