This month, KidsTek is serving the Aurora Youth 4 Success teen career exploration camp held at Pickens Technical College. We began our course at the camp this year by team building!

The camp is open to any high school-aged student, and most participants didn’t know each other on the first day of our class. The first few minutes were quiet with minimal, nervous conversation.

KidsTek Program Specialist Kristina Calvert began by having the students participate in fun, interactive games where they learned the names of other students in the group and found their voices. Then, they started problem-solving activities that sparked conversation and creative thinking.

The introductory activities fostered good communication, creativity, motivation, networking, and socializing. Team building activities can teach these skills in a fun and safe environment. In a short time, our group became both open and cohesive and we have had an excellent first week at camp due to these foundational activities on day one.

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