Teaching Self-Confidence Through Integrity

Teaching Self-Confidence Through Integrity

KidsTek’s vision is to empower students and prepare them for the future of their choice. While tech literacy is a main focus of KidsTek’s instruction, there is much more that is taught in and outside our classrooms. Roxanne Castillo, senior at North High School, is a great example of a well-rounded student that has benefitted from KidsTek’s multi-faceted vision.

Since the start of the school year, Roxanne has continuously proven to KidsTek staff that she is a hard worker and dedicated student. Through the KidsTek program at North High School, Roxanne has earned certifications in Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and the Better Business Bureau’s LIFT Business Ethics Curriculum. Roxanne shared that the KidsTek curriculum is unique as it has introduced her to subjects not normally taught in high school and has given her an edge in the job market. “The opportunity to earn a certification will help with my future because it’s more than what most people have,” Roxanne said. “It gives me that little extra.”

Another key part of KidsTek’s curriculum is teaching soft skills like networking. This year Roxanne was invited to attend KidsTek’s Annual Tech Leaders Gala, which was a new opportunity for her to practice these skills in an unfamiliar environment. Roxanne said in the past she would have been nervous attending such an event, but KidsTek gave her the skills to communicate without being shy. Through events like the Gala — as well as field trips and biweekly classroom speakers — Roxanne said she was given the opportunity to practice shaking someone’s hand and looking them in the eye when speaking to someone new. “Before [KidsTek] I was able to talk to someone, but it was with someone I knew,” Roxanne said. “But now I feel more confident talking to new people because I have all these skills.”

Not only has Roxanne benefited from being a part of the KidsTek program, but KidsTek has been more than proud to have her. Through her kindness and generosity, she continuously brightens the day of those around her. Emily Tow, instructor at North, said, “It’s hard to decide what to shout out about Roxanne. She’s intellectually curious, driven, and truly kind. Roxanne is both a leader and a compassionate friend to those around her.”

In addition to our mission statement, KidsTek adheres to five core values created by our full team at the beginning of this program year. Roxanne’s progress is an example of Value #5: “Self-Confidence through Integrity.”

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