Tea Time with Miss Emily

Tea Time with Miss Emily

Comforting, homey, welcoming, inclusive, loving– these are some of the adjectives that instructor Emily Tow uses to describe the environment she strives for in her KidsTek classes at Florence Crittenton High School.

While brainstorming classroom incentives, Emily realized that she wanted to create an atmosphere where students would feel included, taken care of and relaxed.  Miss Emily is a tea lover herself, and decided to offer tea and cocoa for her Florence Crittenton students in order to get students to class, and on time.  After purchasing an electric tea kettle, stocking up on various teas and cocoa, and purchasing cute thrift store mugs, Miss Emily’s tea incentive program was up and running.  Any student that is on time for class is able to have whatever tea or cocoa they choose.  Emily shared, “Not only are tea and cocoa an incentive to encourage students to come on time, but it also helps build a safe, comfortable classroom environment for my students. If students feel at ease and safe in class, they are better able to learn and grow.”

KidsTek Program Manager, Meghan Lang, shared, “Emily’s creativity makes her an exceptional teacher, but it’s so much more than that. She works hard to relate to her students and sincerely cares about each of them. Emily’s new tea incentive program really displays her creativity and care for her students.”

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