Summer Updates with KidsTek Staff

Summer Updates with KidsTek Staff

Throughout the school year, KidsTek holds many classes and events in the Denver Metro area. However, it slows down a bit each summer and is a nice season for KidsTek Staff to work on their continuing education, and of course attend a few charity golf tournaments, to raise money for KidsTek. Let’s hear from some of the KidsTek staff about what they have been up to this summer!

Max Lewis, KidsTek Instructor who teaches middle school, has been spending his summer working as a Tech Literacy Instructor for PCs for People’s Digital Literacy Hotline. The hotline helps ensure that customers have equitable access to computers and the internet through the FCC’s EBB program, but also provides additional digital literacy and career building resources for those who need it the most. Max is also getting ready to go back to grad school to earn a Masters in Recording Arts at the University of Colorado this fall, and has been keeping his ears busy in the meantime with podcast and music production projects!

Emily Tow, KidsTek’s Senior Instructor, focuses mainly on high school-aged students, has been busy as well. Emily was the instructor for KidsTek’s high school summer camp held at Denver’s North High in June. She has also been working on updating our Business Computing curriculum in response to the district’s software switch from Microsoft Office to Google Apps. That’s a lot of work! In August, Emily will be participating in the ASSET Social Emotional Learning curriculum through Denver Public Schools to help continue to develop her skill set in supporting students. Finally, Emily has been focusing on developing her Spanish language skills through studying different materials and practicing with native speakers.

Program Manager Meghan Lang also helped with the North High camp this summer and is currently supporting Emily at a program at DCIS (Denver Center for International Studies) for incoming 9th graders to help orient them to high school before the school year starts.  Meghan is looking forward to working at our annual fundraising golf tournament next week.

It was recently announced that we are expected to have a “typical” launch to the new school year in Colorado.  We are really looking forward to seeing our students in-person again!

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