Success at Hinkley High School

Success at Hinkley High School

The school year is wrapping up, and students are getting ready to enjoy summer vacation.  We want to acknowledge our class at Hinkley High School and share the success we have had there this year.  Although our students enrolled in the KidsTek class at Hinkley are a bit younger than most of our typical high school classes, we have watched this class transform over this last semester.  We had a very quiet bunch starting off this final semester of the 2016-2017 school year.  Over time we have watched these students transform into a group that values teamwork to complete tasks.  Student Katerin says, “This class has encouraged me to talk more and be open to listening to others, I think this is because of Mr. K. and how he has taught us.”

KidsTek and the Hinkley High School class would also like to extend our thanks to Repl.it, a wonderful online platform for coding. With Repl.it, our instructor was able to jump right in to coding with students, without installation issues. KidsTek instructor, Mazi Kalantarzedeh, says, “Repl.it’s great features have made homework submission easy and effective for us all semester. Their service has made our lives much easier.”

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