Students Learn Practical Skills Through Game Design

Students Learn Practical Skills Through Game Design

At STEM Launch K-8 School in Adams County, KidsTek has been teaching students how to use Kodu, a Microsoft game development platform. Students have learned how to develop their own worlds, create their own characters, program their characters to carry out actions, and develop these all in to fun 3-D video games.

In addition to game creation, our instructor, Betsy Powers, has been tying in her project to KidsTek’s mission of teaching the most common computer skills using the most common computer software.

Before the students designed their games, Betsy had them conduct online research about different aspects of game design. The students created Word documents to report on their findings. They developed their public speaking skills by presenting their game ideas to the class using PowerPoint. They held a video game tournament and created tourney brackets using Excel spreadsheets.

By teaching practical skills through fun after school projects like making games, our students are able to learn without even realizing they are doing so!

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