Students Learn Information Security

Students Learn Information Security

How do you make a strong password? Why shouldn’t you open unknown email attachments? What’s wrong with checking your bank account on Starbucks’ WiFi? Information security, or InfoSec, is one of the most practical, relevant, and important computer science topics today. KidsTek’s Intro to Computer Science students at Florence Crittenton High School put their hard-earned InfoSec knowledge to good use by creating informational posters to educate other students and even staff at their school about the importance of good security hygiene.

“Whenever I describe the topics my students learn about to other adults, especially in regard to information security, they almost always tell me that their own knowledge is lacking in that area,” said Senior Instructor Emily Tow. “Data is one of the most valuable assets on Earth and it’s incredibly important for both students and school staff to understand how to protect their information.”

The posters, currently displayed in the main hallway of Florence Crittenton, give helpful tips and provide important definitions relevant to topics such as password security, malware, and network security. “My students are now among their school’s experts in information security, so I felt that it was important that they give back to their community and spread that knowledge around,” said Tow.

If you’re worried about your own information security, here are some helpful hints from KidsTek students:

  • Check the strength of your password at howsecureismypassword.net
  • Avoid accessing any web site containing sensitive personal information (banking sites/apps, health care portals, etc.) when connected to public WiFi.
  • Use a browser extension such as HTTPS Everywhere to increase the security of all of your browser traffic.
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