Students at North High Get Certified in Business Ethics

Students at North High Get Certified in Business Ethics

KidsTek Program Manager Meghan Lang just finished teaching a group of students at North High School using the Better Business Bureau’s LIFT Business Ethics Curriculum. The program helps students think critically about many character traits, ethical approaches to decision making, and their own “personal brand” that they display to the world. Ten students were certified and now have a great accomplishment to add to their resumes!

Meghan said, “This group of students was really something special. The drive each student had, combined with fun personalities, made this a group I will always remember. I’m so glad that each of them now has a certification that will help them stand apart from their peers. They earned it!” Because it’s been such an important year to get more computers into students’ homes, each of the participants who completed the certification in this class received a free refurbished laptop from KidsTek.

The students had great things to say about the class. Mila Ordes, a freshman at North, said, “I had a fun time during the class and I definitely felt engaged and that I learned something. It wasn’t just an extra class to take to boost my resume but something that I could actually take valuable information from.” The hope is that students learn a variety of tools to help them to make informed decisions when faced with an ethical dilemma. Izaiah Arebalo, a North sophomore, said, “I think the ethics class is a great opportunity for exploring new ideas and learning from your peers. It’s something that I would definitely recommend to other students.”

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