Student of the Month, September 2015 – Liam Sloan

Student of the Month, September 2015 – Liam Sloan

Liam is a 4th grader enrolled at Denver Center of International Studies (DCIS) at Fairmont Elementary. Liam has been attending DCIS since he was in kindergarten and his favorite thing about school is science class because he gets to do experiments. Liam is so excited about science that he is planning on attending a middle school with a science emphasis after he graduates from elementary school.

Liam really likes technology and his favorite thing to do on computers is play games.  Since this is Liam’s first time attending a KidTek class,  he’s very excited to see what we will be doing each week with Microsoft Word, Excel and Power Point.  Liam joined KidsTek so he could have a fun place to hang out with his friends after school while learning to do more things on computers. By the end of this session, Liam hopes to learn how to write articles and add pictures using the computer and the Internet.  He also hopes to find new web sites that he can use to play games!

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