Student of the Month, May 2015 – Caleb Dorn

Student of the Month, May 2015 – Caleb Dorn

Caleb is a 5th grader at STEM Launch K-8 in Thornton, has participated in KidsTek for the last two sessions, and was instrumental in helping to recruit friends to participate in the program.  Students are selected on the following criteria for student of the month: behavior, attendance, peer recommendation and overall effort. Caleb has excelled in these areas with enthusiasm and dedication.

Caleb particularly enjoyed this last session at STEM Launch, where the class learned more about Microsoft Excel with KidsTek instructor Jordan Lemmons. The class researched world populations and used Excel to graph trends and changes around the globe.  It was Caleb’s favorite project because he not only learned that the world’s population exceed 6 billion people, he was also able to learn about the upcoming “Red Nose Day.”  Red Nose Day is a world-wide campaign dedicated to raising money for children and young people living in poverty.  The KidsTek students at STEM Launch were able to tie in the information they had learned about the global population to see approximately how many people were affected by this issue. The great thing about Red Nose Day is that the goal is to raise awareness by making people laugh and Caleb is an expert in having fun!
Caleb enjoyed KidsTek so much this spring that he said, “If there were any more sessions over the summer, I would sign up!”

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