Student of the Month, June 2015 – Kassandra Gomez

Student of the Month, June 2015 – Kassandra Gomez

Kasandra Gomez is a 7th grader at Mrachek Middle School in Aurora.

Kasandra has been participating in the Aurora COMPASS summer program this past month and is in KidsTek instructor Courtney Wade’s advanced class. She is very welcoming to her classmates and talks to everyone each day. Courtney says, “If there is something that needs to be done, Kasandra is the first to volunteer and she does an excellent job explaining how to do things on the computer to her peers– she’s a true leader in the class.”
Kasandra’s favorite thing about KidsTek is creating new things and she really enjoyed Courtney’s summer Olympics project, which combined an athletic event with work in the Excel and PowerPoint applications. Her favorite subject in school is English language development, and she also enjoys playing softball.
Thank you to Kasandra for being such a wonderful student in our summer program!

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