Staff Spotlight: Caitlin Nelson

Staff Spotlight: Caitlin Nelson

KidsTek’s work wouldn’t be possible without the hard work not only of our dedicated program team, but also all the incredible folks throughout PCs for People. Today, we’d like to feature one of those awesome people: Caitlin Nelson, PCs for People Denver’s Community Impact Manager.

Caitlin has worked with PCs for People since 2016, joining the team first as a Customer Service Representative and bringing her spark to positions such as Office Manager and Partnership Manager before starting her current role as Community Impact Manager. “We started as a very small team, so I’ve had my hand in almost every aspect of the organization,” said Caitlin. “We have a fabulous team (locally and nationally) that is passionate about the work we do and are just genuinely fun people to be around.”

As a Community Impact Manager, Caitlin supports the customer service team in the local Denver retail store, fosters partnerships with local nonprofits to support their and their clients’ equipment needs, and works nationally with partner organizations on large-scale projects. She is currently working on a project involving the distribution of 10,000 computers!

Caitlin’s passion for helping folks get the tech they need helps to drive her in her work. “There are so many basic aspects of life that require a computer or an internet connection and it’s not always easy to get those things,” she said. “PCs for People has made it our mission to make sure people have access to technology and know how to use it.” Caitlin’s favorite part of her job is distribution events. “I love getting all the parts organized and then going to a school. It makes for a chaotic-but-so-much-fun afternoon connecting families with computers and internet service!”

Thank you Caitlin for all your hard work to support PCs for People, KidsTek, and our community!

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