Staff Profile: Megan Frazier

Staff Profile: Megan Frazier

We are excited to introduce KidsTek’s newest instructor, Megan Frazier! Megan will work with our elementary students in COMPASS after school enrichment programs in Aurora. “I was attracted to KidsTek because technology is rapidly growing and becoming a normal part of everyday life,” she says. “I think it’s important for kiddos to start gaining technological literacy as soon as possible so that they can thrive in their futures!”

Originally from West Virginia, Megan recently relocated to Colorado to escape her comfort zone. “Colorado seemed like a good place to move to because of the job opportunities and all of the sunshine,” she says. “I actually moved here completely blind, but I love it!” 

Megan decided to pursue a career in education because of her mutual loves of learning and of working with kids. “I think it’s important to provide an environment where students can focus on their individual strengths while still growing together as a classroom,” she says. “I strive to be a positive influence in children’s lives while showing them that education can be exciting and fun.”

“Even from the little bit that I’ve seen Megan working with our students so far, it’s clear that she has a truly nurturing spirit,” says Program Manager Emily Tow. “The kiddos took to her immediately and have been having tons of fun learning from her already.”

Since KidsTek strives to make tech education fun and approachable for students, we always encourage our instructors to share their fun side with our students. “The kiddos each have their own unique quirks that make them so much fun,” says Megan. Recently, during an internet scavenger hunt activity, her students lived up to that expectation, singing the viral “It’s Corn!” song because they found a way to fit corn into their scavenger hunt. “They are hilarious and I love it!” says Megan.

That spark of fun and excitement is a key part of Megan’s path to a career in elementary education. “I believe children are pure-hearted. They seek joy everywhere and have the most curious and creative minds, which always makes teaching them fun,” she says. “They help remind me to always look on the bright side.”

Megan says she’s looking forward to creating some fun lessons for her students as the year goes on as well as creating everlasting bonds with all of the kiddos. We are excited to see what she comes up with next! Welcome to the KidsTek team, Megan!

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