Staff Celebration and Highlight: Max Lewis

Staff Celebration and Highlight: Max Lewis

KidsTek is made up of a small team of people that work together to accomplish our mission. In an effort to share more about who we are, we will be highlighting each of our instructors throughout the next few weeks.

KidsTek Instructor, Max Lewis, is in his fourth month with KidsTek. In early December, we were in need of an elementary teacher for after school enrichments in Aurora. After interviewing Max, we knew his creativity, variety of interests and passion for working with youth would lead to great success. Max began his time at KidsTek teaching our elementary students, but has since taken on roles in our middle schools, and is now even an aide in our high school classes!

When asked what sparked his interest to apply for KidsTek, Max answered, “I’ve always gravitated towards positions that allow me to not only be a mentor or teacher, but also room for me to learn new things as well. Nowadays life is constantly changing at such a rapid pace thanks to technology, and watching how the kids use it allows me to pretend like I’m still cool and hip.”

Max was born and raised in Columbus, Ohio and attended Ohio State University. He is an experienced audio engineer and musician. He not only plays music but also enjoys producing and mixing music for others. Max casually mentioned in his interview, “If you’ve got a podcast or a project that you need some advice on, I’m all ears.” Max is also an avid reader, having grown up in a household with both of his parents as writers. However, he often just enjoys playing video games, watching horror movies or hanging out with his cat. 

KidsTek is so grateful that Max joined our team and we are looking forward to watching him continue to impact the lives of each student that he teaches.

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