SIM Women Conference Brings Together Women in Technology

SIM Women Conference Brings Together Women in Technology

SIM Women of Colorado held their 4th annual SIM Women Summer Conference this year at the beautiful Cielo at Castle Pines Event Center. The room was packed with women and a handful of men, all eager to hear the inspirational messages of the day and to do some networking. This year’s theme was “Bloom where you are planted,” which incorporated speakers focusing on finding your inner strengths and discovering what makes each attendee unique while growing in courage, humor and confidence. KidsTek employees Aimee Charlton, Casey McCoy-Simmons and Meghan Lang were all able to attend this conference and benefit from the wonderful material and life experiences that were shared.

The introductory speaker for the day was Dr. Gina Barreca. Dr. Barreca is a humorist and academic that has been a professor of English and engagement fellow at the University of Connecticut since 1987. She started the day off with a bang with her talk about women, humor and keeping a positive environment in the workplace. She taught the audience that humor is a way to connect with people, so it is important to always authentically use this gift.

Another notable speaker from the conference was Jonathan Dickerson from the Center for Relationship Education. Jonathan spoke about understanding different perspectives and, ultimately, introducing the audience to the Personality Animal Quiz. The purpose of this talk was to encourage everyone to be courageous enough to be their own person, because we need the different personality types in order to balance each other out.

The final speaker was the first woman to ever walk around the world: Polly Letofsky. Polly traveled on foot over 14,000 miles and across four continents in order to raise awareness and funds for breast cancer and breast cancer research. Along her journey, she encountered numerous surprises and setbacks. Among the toughest surprises, was facing the reality of the 9/11 attacks while being abroad and dealing with how this event created unexpected barriers for her journey. Polly’s message was to, “Just put one foot in front of the other when you are faced with a challenge that may seem insurmountable.” Polly left the audience with the inspiring message to persevere through life’s toughest challenges by simply taking one step at a time.

These speakers, along with a few others, created a wonderful experience at the 4th annual SIM Women Summer Conference. Throughout the day, there were multiple times to network between speakers. SIM Women even had a station for attendees to receive a free 10-minute chair massage provided by Elements Massage. The event center’s outdoor patio space had a beautiful waterfall and provided a great place to get fresh air and meet new people. This conference was relaxing and motivational for KidsTek’s management team.

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