Scholarship Opportunity for KidsTek Seniors

Scholarship Opportunity for KidsTek Seniors

It’s that time of year where many of our high school seniors are busy planning the next major chapter of their lives– college! Any student who has taken one of our high school elective classes is eligible to apply for our scholarship once they are seniors.

The KidsTek Nancy J. Sauer Scholarship was created to help our students with college tuition assistance. “The scholarship was founded to honor former KidsTek board chair Nancy Sauer and the value she placed on education and career opportunities,” explains scholarship committee member Cindy Miller. The scholarship has been awarded to four KidsTek alums in the past three years, all of which are currently attending college.

“Our goal is to encourage KidsTek students to think about next steps in their education and career opportunities, and to help them with their first and second year college expenses,” says Miller, “It’s a great opportunity for the seniors, since it’s a really small pool of applicants compared to most scholarships– their chances of winning are very high.”

The application process is now open, and the scholarship committee will be announcing this year’s winner in May before school lets out. Best of luck to our incredible KidsTek seniors!

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