Saturday Study Sessions!

Saturday Study Sessions!

It’s that time of year again where preparing for finals, prom and graduation are keeping our high school students very busy! In the midst of the chaos, some of our students at Aurora’s Hinkley High School have been meeting KidsTek instructor, Steve Kessler, for Saturday study sessions throughout the month of April. 
We’re committed to providing any necessary support to see our dedicated high school students succeed. Kessler wanted to offer these cram sessions to help the students feel prepared for their upcoming final exam, as well as the CompTIA Networking+ certification exam.
These sessions, held at the Community College of Aurora, have been a popular study method for our students during recent school years.  The high school students love being able to study in a college setting, and KidsTek buys them lunch for their willingness to take a part of their weekend to enhance their technology education.
Our amazing Hinkley students have proven that they can achieve high grades in college-level courses and pass challenging computer certifications!
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