Rise With Purpose: Leading With All You Are

Rise With Purpose: Leading With All You Are

To kick off August, KidsTek managers Meghan Lang and Casey McCoy-Simmons attended an interactive workshop focusing on leading with your core values. “Rise With Purpose: Leading With All You Are” was hosted by Women of Denver, a diverse and active organization that helps women build leadership and entrepreneurial skills. Lori Heisler, Founder of Greater Good Institute, led this workshop with the goal of teaching participants how to recognize their core values, develop a leader’s mindset, and to establish a core set of beliefs that leads to an ultimate purpose.

At the start of the workshop, Lori shared her own path from being a first-generation college student to working her way up in public school administration. A couple years into her vice principal job, Lori decided to take a “leap of faith” and do something she really loved. After quitting her job, traveling solo internationally and brainstorming about where her core values would lead her, she created a company with the goal of supporting women and business leaders on their path to making positive changes in their companies and communities.

This story was used to inspire workshop participants to think deeper about their own leadership mentors and core values. First, everyone wrote down their own leadership mentors then shared with their neighbors. Everyone identified the reasons why these people were seen as leaders. Common names included Mother Teresa, Maya Angelou and Martin Luther King, who were inspirational because of their acts of service and monumental accomplishments. Next was values mapping. With sheets of paper listing out about 75 possible values, everyone was challenged to narrow the list down to their top ten. Then that top ten list was narrowed down to five that best represented each person’s core values.

“The hardest part was taking that list from ten to five values,” Casey said, “I really thought hard about what each word meant to me and how I expressed that through my own leadership. One of my top five values was “teamwork” that stemmed from other qualities I valued like communication, respect and open-mindedness. While these three didn’t make the top five, I believed “teamwork” was a value that encompassed these qualities that I would like to use in my work and personal life every day.”

KidsTek is always seeking staff learning opportunities that can inform and enhance our mission and values system. Thanks to Women of Denver and Lori Heisler for leading a fun and interactive workshop!


Photo credit: Women of Denver

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