Program Director Spotlight – Andrew Bissland

Program Director Spotlight – Andrew Bissland

One of the things that makes KidsTek so special is the staff that work each day to fulfill KidsTek’s mission to prepare students for academic, career and personal success by increasing their tech literacy. An especially important member of the KidsTek team reached his 15-year anniversary with KidsTek this year!

KidsTek Program Director, Andrew Bissland, is a major contributor to the success of KidsTek’s achievements, both big and small. Andrew is hard-working, caring, and generous. “Andrew is a fantastic administrator and an amazing person,” said Emily Tow, KidsTek Senior Instructor. “It’s incredible how he manages to juggle so many different responsibilities and duties while always supporting us instructors and making sure we have everything we need to provide high-quality education. Andrew is one of the most reliable people I’ve ever worked with and you can always count on him to consider all the details, really think through every problem from start to finish, and work his hardest for our staff and students.”

Since his start with KidsTek in January 2006, Andrew has worn many different hats and has advocated for KidsTek throughout the years. Anyone that has worked with Andrew can say that he sincerely cares about KidsTek’s mission. Program Manager, Meghan Lang, said “Andrew is truly the best boss I could ask for. He sincerely values my opinion, genuinely cares about the students we teach, and is one of the hardest workers I have ever met. His tireless dedication to KidsTek is really inspiring.”

Andrew’s presence has been a constant that has helped KidsTek through the good years and bad. Richard Liner, KidsTek Board Chair, said “Andrew just reached his 15th anniversary with KidsTek, and is a major factor in our continued success. His dedication to the staff and kids we serve is unparalleled in the non-profit community of Colorado.”

From all the staff, instructors and board at KidsTek: Thank you, Andrew!

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