Prioritizing Self-Care During Challenging Times

Prioritizing Self-Care During Challenging Times

With everything going on in our world today, taking care of ourselves is sometimes our last priority. This past week, The Denver Afterschool Alliance Collective provided a training centered on self-care in during challenging times. Meghan Lang, KidsTek Program Manager, was able to attend this training. The session was led by Amy Brady, co-founder of StandUP, which is an organization that believes “when people are given the tools to more powerfully connect with themselves, their organizations, and their communities, they will unleash untapped potential and a myriad of possibilities.”

During this two-hour session, Amy led the group through many topics, from common misconceptions of self-care, to discussing why it is so important to use self-care as a preventive measure from becoming overwhelmed. Amy also gave four strategies and ideas that are a roadmap for working on self-care:

1) Release what you can’t control.

2) Adopt 2-3 regular practices (i.e. movement, hot bath, meditation, yoga).

3) Be present in the moment.

4) Remember to pause.

Although these four tips are short and sweet, consistently putting them into practice can be tricky.

This timely session offered by the DAA Collective was a great reminder that self-care is not selfish. In fact, we cannot take care of others well unless we take care of ourselves. Have you taken time to pause today and soak in the present moment?

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