Preparing Students for the Future

Preparing Students for the Future

Last week, one of KidsTek’s host schools, Florence Crittenton High, hosted a Futures Fair for their students with visiting community members. A couple members of the KidsTek staff were involved in helping with the planning of the event. The day of the fair was packed full of meaningful speakers and activities for the students.

The day began with breakfast and a motivational speech by Robert Franklin, Diversity, Health Equity & Inclusion Program Manager at Children’s Hospital Colorado. He spoke about the challenges and benefits of being from a low-income area where having obstacles to overcome is part of daily life. Robert shared advice on solid steps students can take to take in order to show others how they have grown from these experiences and also how the skills gained from these learning experiences could benefit potential employers. Lesly Carranza, Florence Crittenton Junior and KidsTek Student, said “Robert opened my eyes to the basic challenges that we are going to face. It made me think more about my future and the kind of future I want to have. The whole day was really fun!”

Students then rotated through a handful of rooms that were designed to teach about career choices by visiting business professionals. These rooms included a variety of people who were sharing their first-hand experiences in different careers. These experiences provided a lot of mentoring and valuable conversations throughout the day. To conclude the event, students attended a resource fair in the school’s cafeteria.

KidsTek is proud to work with partners that have similar goals and continuously work on providing resources and support for our students!

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