Prepare to Succeed!

Prepare to Succeed!

KidsTek students in the Business Computing class at Denver’s North High School welcomed guest speaker Richard Lewis last month. Mr. Lewis is the President and CEO of RTL Networks and a leader in the community. The KidsTek class prepared for the visit by researching Mr. Lewis and compiling a PowerPoint presentation highlighting his education, accomplishments and career. Each student also prepped individual questions for Mr. Lewis for a Q&A segment at the end of the presentation.
Mr. Lewis provided the class with invaluable advice and inspiration on reaching their future goals.  He advised the students to “be prepared to take advantage of every opportunity.”  He also urged them to make the most of the experiences and connections they were making throughout their high school career “Everyone has the ball. What are you going to do with the ball today?” he asked, “It is up to you to make every day better than the day before.”  The class was challenged to develop their own definition of success.  Mr. Lewis spoke of his own struggles and challenges that he faced before becoming a successful entrepreneur.  He said, “There are two types of people: those who succeed and those who quit right before they succeed.”
“I learned that things that are worthwhile are also worth a lot of work,” declared a 11th grade KidsTek student who attended the presentation. Another student was inspired to “take each day and make it the best!”
Mr. Lewis visited the class as part of the KidsTek weekly guest speaker program.  This program, available at North High School in Denver and Adams City High School in Commerce City, allows students to explore a wide variety of career and educational options. Knowledge and information acquired though the guest speaker program is incorporated into a variety of technology projects created by the KidsTek students.   If you are interested in visiting and sharing your expertise with our students, please contact KidsTek Program Specialist Lysa Stewart at lysa@kidstek.org.
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