Power to the Peers!

Power to the Peers!

Students enrolled in the KidsTek enrichment programs at our Denver elementary school sites are expanding their learning by teaching technology skills to their peers.  Everyday during the KidsTek program, students are developing leadership, socialization and communication skills along with advanced technology competence by assisting their fellow classmates with problem-solving and computer questions.  The “students helping students” model is currently being used to help KidsTek participants become independent learners while incorporating a team-building spirit.  It’s been shown that students learn and retain information better when they explain their ideas and techniques to others.  “Students helping students” also allows for an open exchange of ideas and encourages the children to use their natural curiosity to cement learning.
“I like being able help the other kids in the class” says Immanuel, a 4th grader at Centennial Elementary School. “And when I need help, I can ask someone to help me if the teachers are busy,” says Ruby, a 2nd grader at DCIS at Fairmont Elementary, “I like to help and show how to do the things I know on the computer. It makes me want to be a teacher!”
By letting students learn from their peers and giving them the opportunity to make creative choices through technology, KidsTek is creating a learning environment where all children have the opportunity to grow.
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