Pennington Elementary Enrichment Showcase!

Pennington Elementary Enrichment Showcase!

Last week, Pennington Elementary, a KidsTek host site in JeffCo Schools, celebrated their Expanded Learning Time programs during their second annual Enrichment Showcase. The showcase included live student performances and project displays for all enrichments from the 2015/2016 school year.

Pennington Elementary has a variety of enrichments their Kindergarten-6th grade students can choose from during their enrichment block. The diversity in choice, and excellent supportive Expanded Learning Time (ELT) staff make their enrichment programming one of a kind. Enrichments are taught by Pennington school staff, parent volunteers, PTA members, and several outside providers like the YMCA and KidsTek.

KidsTek has been teaching our computer class at Pennington for three years. At the showcase, KidsTek displayed projects created in Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint from throughout the current school year. We have been impressed with the ability of the students and their energy and willingness to learn!

Pennington’s Grant Manager Stacey Hansen says “KidsTek has taught our students invaluable technological skills that will stay with them throughout their academic and professional careers. From computer skills to programing, KidsTek has advanced our students’ technology confidence. In addition, they have been a phenomenal partner, participating in multiple school events and supporting our school’s mission every step of the way.”

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