Pen Pal Project

Pen Pal Project

One of KidsTek’s great strengths as a program is the creative power of our instructors. KidsTek teachers are empowered to create new and exciting projects and content for our students, which means we’re always able to bring something new to the table. At KidsTek’s after school sites in Aurora, Instructor Megan Frazier is piloting a new intra-school pen pal program during this session of COMPASS.

“Since I’m at two schools this session, I matched my students from Altura Elementary with my students at Kenton Elementary,” said Megan. “The pen pal project is a way that students can connect with a new friend from a nearby school and practice their writing skills while developing their knowledge of online communication methods.”

To connect her students in their pen pal pairs, Megan set up Google Slide decks for each set of partners, so students can add a new slide for each “letter” to their pen pal. “These kids love to share things about themselves,” she said. “I hope that the idea that they can share their creations with a new friend will help spark their creativity. I’m excited to see how it goes!”

“I love Megan’s pen pal idea,” said Program Manager Emily Tow. “It’s a classic idea for elementary-aged kiddos, and I love the innovation of using the tech tools that students are learning as the method of communication.”

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