Partner Spotlight: Madison Caparros

Partner Spotlight: Madison Caparros

KidsTek’s work in our community wouldn’t be possible without our partnerships with all kinds of amazing organizations. When we have the opportunity, we love to share more about them, their work, and their teams. One of the phenomenal folks we’ve been privileged to work with is Madison Caparros, the Housing Manager at Florence Crittenton Services. KidsTek’s classes at Florence Crittenton High School currently share a space with the housing program and we’ve relished the opportunity to learn more about this incredible program.

Florence Crittenton Services was established over 125 years ago and now partners with Denver Public Schools to support FloCrit High School, a school exclusively for pregnant and parenting teens. FloCrit Services expands the opportunities available to students at FloCrit High by offering a variety of services and support, such as an on-campus Early Childhood Education Center for the children of students, Family Advocates for each student, access to baby and child supplies like diapers, and more, including their housing program.

As Housing Manager, Madison oversees and implements a variety of housing services for FloCrit families. Through this program, students can potentially receive services such as emergency housing, transitional housing, rental assistance, home ownership education, and more.  “My day typically consists of meeting one-on-one with moms to create an individualized housing plan and go step-by-step to achieve safe, permanent housing,” says Madison. “Being able to go on the journey with them to help them find the right safe and affordable housing is very exciting, particularly in the end when you are able to visit them and they get to show you their new place that is all furnished and has their touch to it.”

For Madison, this work is especially important given the housing crisis Colorado is facing right now. “Everyone has a right to housing and secure housing is essential to the ability to graduate… and pursue further education or career paths,” she says. “We simply cannot ask our young moms to show up and pursue their education if they do not have a home environment to return to that can prepare them to be successful again the next day.”

Madison shared the following story to illustrate the kinds of support offered by FloCrit Services to help students overcome barriers to their educational journeys (name changed for privacy):

“Maria and her partner were needing to relocate due to an emergency but were seeking housing that would allow Maria to still be able to focus on school full-time instead of having to withdraw from school and go work full-time. FloCrit was able to support Maria and her partner by applying to income-restricted properties that would allow them to afford their own, safe place while also allowing Maria to stay enrolled at school. Once approved, FloCrit supported them with a deposit and first month’s rent. Maria and her partner are currently still living at the same place, which is located just a couple miles away from FloCrit. Maria is looking forward to continuing her education full-time and is interested in enrolling in the medical classes that DPS provides.”

We are so grateful for the incredible work that Madison and the rest of the FloCrit team do to support these students and for the opportunity to work with such dedicated and passionate people.

Thank you for all your hard work Madison!

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