Partner Profile: Lysa Stewart

Partner Profile: Lysa Stewart

Technology and education have co-evolved in many ways over the past few years. We recently interviewed Lysa Stewart, who welcomes KidsTek to her school, Colfax Elementary, about this evolution. Lysa has worked as both an educator and technology educator for a number of organizations.

Lysa worked for many years for Denver Public Schools, then for the Open World Learning technology education program, and was also a Program Specialist for KidsTek. She most recently returned to Denver Schools by working for the Discovery Link program. Lysa manages Discovery Link at Colfax Elementary, which hosts enrichment programs, like KidsTek, at her school.

When asked what growth she has seen in technology education over the years Lysa said, “Technology wasn’t really used in the classrooms when I first got involved in education. There were entire rooms dedicated to computer labs that students would have to go to. Now, it is much more portable. Classrooms have computer carts and technology is easier integrate into everyday learning. KidsTek allows students to get a head start on these activities in their classroom.”

At Colfax Elementary, Lysa worked with us to create time on computers just for her kindergarteners. “KinderTek,” as she likes to call it, has been a big success with the young ones, who never want to leave at the end of their computer class!  Lysa says, “First, KidsTek makes learning about computers fun. This gets the students excited to learn more about technology as they grow. Second, they get exposure to simple skills such as turning a computer on and off, how to save their work, and keyboard layout. KidsTek also encourages collaboration and teamwork. It’s great to see our students learning these skills so early in life.”

Lysa enjoys working with our instructor Sharonda Harris and says “For my ‘KinderTek’ students, I have loved watching them sing and dance to videos on GoNoodle, work on mousing skills, and learn to type.” Her 1st-3rd graders in KidsTek recently worked on PowerPoint to create a presentation about a superhero of their choice. “They were able to choose the superpower, their hero’s greatest weakness, and even his/her favorite food and then show their work to their friends. It was funny to see how creative they could get.”

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