Middle School Programs

KidsTek provides quality technological instruction and programming to youth in an expeditionary manner. KidsTek is always a popular program choice for our students because it is as much fun as it is educational. In addition to the COMPASS program, KidsTek has been a very active participant in the City of Aurora’s America’s Promise Alliance program. KidsTek is active with America’s Promise serving on multiple committee’s and wagon teams that program special events for Aurora’s youth.

Keith Bailey, Recreation Supervisor for the Office of Youth Development within the COMPASS Program

For our middle school, we teach that technology skills are useful, strengthening their skills while incorporating their interests in music, art, programming, robotics and video.

Students advance their skills in Internet research and Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint through project-based learning. Project-based learning is considered a best practice in education for developing 21st century skills like collaboration, critical thinking, and organization. Student projects are developed in conjunction with the host school’s goals, and explore a variety of academic topics and student interest areas.