High School Programs

“KidsTek is overall a great program. It has taught me so many things I never thought I would understand. It has opened so many doors for me and has given me so many opportunities and skills to be successful in the technology industry. Before KidsTek, working in the technology industry never crossed my mind, but now it’s something I would love to go into and learn about even more. I am so thankful for being able to participate in this program.”

Student, Adams City High School

Our high school students learn that technology skills are necessary for their future, and are given several certification opportunities to enhance their workforce readiness and college preparedness.

Some students participate in our intro to computing and intro to programming classes, an opportunity that allows students to earn an IC3 certification (Internet Core Competency Certification), a global benchmark for basic computer literacy, including operating systems, hardware, software, and networks. and gain a basic knowledge of coding. Other schools offer our more mainstream Business Computing class, which helps students develop relevant computing skills for business, college, and the real world. In addition to working towards a Microsoft Office Specialist Certification, these students are taught entrepreneurship basics, and given the opportunity to meet with business leaders from the Denver community.

All KidsTek high school students participate in field trips to local colleges and leading technology companies in the state. These experiential learning excursions allow students to make real-world connections between technology and their future plans.


Our in-school classes are typically taught at high schools, and are graded academic programs, earning school credit.

Our high school programs help strengthen computing fundamentals in order to help ensure academic success for college-bound students, who are very often “first generation” college students in the populations we serve. We also intend our high school classes to help students in workforce-readiness by teaching transferrable and marketable computer skills.

Some of our high school programs focus on teaching the the most typical computer skills within the most common computer software.
Students in these classes learn how to craft business letters, resumes, budgets in spreadsheets and and present research in PowerPoints. Students also learn soft skills including presentation skills, networking skills, interviewing skills and business etiquette. Students can also earn certifications including those that demonstrate advanced proficiency in Microsoft Office, and a business ethics certification that can be earned through the BBB.

Some of our high school programs teach computing basics, including introductions to computer hardware, software and the internet. We also teach computer skills as requested by high schools, often introduction to programming languages including Python and Java. Students in these classes can earn technology skills certifications. A typical certification conferred is the Certiport IC3 Digital Literacy Certification.