October 2018 – Jayla Bellamy

October 2018 – Jayla Bellamy

Jayla Bellamy is KidsTek’s Student of the Month for October. Jayla is a 7th grader at Aurora Hills Middle School. She is a hard worker and always puts her best effort into each of her projects. Jayla’s responsibility shines through in her personality and she is always a reliable student, someone you can depend on. When she gets older, Jayla has a few different ideas on what she wants to do. “I want to be an engineer or an architect. But, I also would love to be a professional singer.”

Her favorite thing about KidsTek is learning and gaining new experiences. She especially enjoyed creating a brochure about Leonardo Davinci. “I got to know something about someone I didn’t know or care about when I was younger.” In her spare time, Jayla enjoys reading, watching Minecraft videos and playing with her siblings and parents.

Congratulations, Jayla!

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