North Students Earn BBB Ethics Certifications

North Students Earn BBB Ethics Certifications

Last week, students in our KidsTek class at Denver North High were awarded LIFT Business Ethics certifications!  The LIFT curriculum was created by the Better Business Bureau Foundation of Denver/Boulder.  Their goal is to give middle and high school students the tools and knowledge necessary to be honest, ethical and trustworthy in their personal, school and work lives.

Students went through an intensive mini-Business Ethics course where they initially learned about three approaches to ethical decision making (Virtue, Justice, and Utilitarian.)  They then followed a five-step process in identifying and resolving ethical dilemmas and concluded with a decision that is ethical and well thought-out.  Lastly, students learned of specific character traits that pertain to the broader categories of personal character, responsibility and development.

Students were tested with how much they learned in the course by giving a culminating presentation in front of the class.  Each student chose a real-life case study and had to use the information learned to demonstrate they understood what an ethical dilemma is, how to work through the facts for relevancy, name character traits, walk through decision-making, and come to a conclusion on next steps for the people affected in their case.

The majority of the students in the class passed the LIFT certification.  Their hard work earned them a certification that they can use on their resumes to demonstrate character to future employers.

Congratulations, you all did a great job!

  • Antonio Casillas
  • Brian Castillo
  • Josias Chavez
  • Marivel DeLuna
  • Alexander Gonzalez-Castro
  • Elias Homes
  • Jacobo Ornelas Jr.
  • Gianna Ruiz
  • Alisha Villanueva-Talmich
  • Lazarus West
  • Mason White



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