New School Year Online

New School Year Online

With new information coming out each day on Colorado school districts’ approaches to learning in the new school year, KidsTek instructors and administrators are working hard to keep up to date with district protocols and ensure that our students will have access to high quality education.

Senior Instructor Emily Tow teaches at Denver North High School and Florence Crittenton High School, both in the Denver Public Schools district. DPS will start the school year completely remote through the first quarter and is still working to determine what learning will look like after mid-October. For now, Tow and KidsTek Program Manager Meghan Lang are working with both schools and participating in staff meetings and professional development related to remote learning plans.

At North, students will attend classes in alternating day block schedules. Tow’s class will meet Tuesdays and Thursdays for a live session, commonly called synchronous learning. Additional resources and class extensions will be available and assigned to students for independent work, commonly called asynchronous learning. This allows students to connect with their teachers and classmates while avoiding “Zoom Fatigue,” the difficulties related to an excess of video calls and conferencing throughout the day. It also gives students the opportunity to engage with our curriculum in ways that fits their unique schedules and commitments.

Florence Crittenton has its own unique set of challenges as a school for pregnant and parenting teens. Because the challenges of child care and other conflicts are more significant for Flo Crit students, all classes will be asynchronous for quarter one. For Tow, this means that all class materials must be designed to be completed independently. However, students can also drop in to Tow’s “Office Hours”, a dedicated time each weekday afternoon when Tow will be on a live video chat to support students as needed. In addition, students can arrange appointments for one-on-one support.

Remote learning plans change often and require a high degree of flexibility and engagement, but KidsTek staffers are dedicated to ensuring the best possible outcomes for all of our students no matter what the situation.

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