New “Adult Basics” Classes

New “Adult Basics” Classes

This week, we kicked off our Computer Basics for Adults class in our PCs for People classroom! We are offering this course to PCs for People clients who have recently purchased computers. As a part of their purchase, we are offering this course for income-qualifying individuals. 

John Eastep, one of our computer basics students, is eager to gain more computer knowledge. When asked why he wanted to take this course, he said that, “I’m tired of being a dinosaur. More and more job opportunities are evaporating because I lack computer skills. At one point, I was borrowing my friend’s computer in the 80’s and fell in love with technology. I lost that opportunity, so this is my chance to play catch up!” 

This class is focused on helping individuals feel like they can master technology. The two-fold goal is for individuals to learn how to operate their computer and how to make their computer work for them. Computing knowledge is no longer just for the “techie” people, but a valuable skill in every sphere. 

John also spoke about what he wants to gain from this four-day course; “I want to improve my understanding of what is going on— the computer nomenclature is something I don’t have yet, so I am excited to learn. Improving my computer knowledge will help me stay in the loop and understand.”

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