New A+ Classes Kick Off for the Summer

New A+ Classes Kick Off for the Summer

Last week, we launched our newest CompTIA A+ certification class! KidsTek is an authorized partner of CompTIA, an IT industry certifying association. After a successful spring pilot class, we are pleased to offer an A+ course again this summer. We are running two online A+ classes concurrently and have students from a variety of backgrounds attending remotely from Denver, Cleveland, and Kansas City.

The A+ certification is designed to give individuals who are interested in IT careers an edge as job candidates. An A+ certification is recognized industry-wide and helps certification earners advance in their careers and earn higher salaries.

Katy Limes is our A+ instructor, as well as one of our high school instructors during the academic year. The class covers a large number of topics including computer hardware, operating systems, networking, software troubleshooting, and cyber security. When asked what her favorite part of teaching the class is, Katy said, “I love security. It is one of the few technology fields with a strong human element.” We love seeing Katy’s passion for her field shine when she teaches!

It has been a joy to see a number of Katy’s former high school students take this class as well. It’s exciting to see our alums discover a passion for technology and to often see this interest carry them beyond the classroom into the adult tech workforce.

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