Nevaeh Gonzalez-Medina – October 2019 Student of the Month

Nevaeh Gonzalez-Medina – October 2019 Student of the Month

The KidsTek student of the month for October is senior Nevaeh Gonzalez-Medina from North High School in Denver. Nevaeh joined our class shortly after the beginning of the school year and has been nothing but a joy to work with. She has a positive presence about her and is kind to others in class. Nevaeh is also always on top of her school work and makes sure to ask questions when she needs help. Not only does she work hard on her own work, but she is always happy and willing to offer help to her classmates. Overall, she is a great example of hard work, kindness, and positivity.

When Nevaeh finishes high school this May, she wants to go to college to become a nurse. She is currently hoping to attend University of Nebraska Lincoln in the fall of 2020.

When Nevaeh is not at school, she enjoys working her job at a daycare and reading romance books.

Congrats, Nevaeh!

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