Mock Job Interviews

Mock Job Interviews

KidsTek is more than just a technology nonprofit that teaches students about computer hardware and software.  We also place a large emphasis on the importance of soft skills.  These can include communication, teamwork, and personality development.  In KidsTek’s high school classes, time is dedicated to working on these skills by completing personality tests, writing relevant resumes, and participating in mock job interviews.

KidsTek students in our high school summer camp just completed a day of participating in these mock interviews. To prepare for this experience, each of the students worked on creating a resume and practiced common interview questions.  Program Manager Meghan Lang shared, “Our Senior Instructor, Emily Tow, has a special way of turning ordinary content into exciting activities and engaging class time. The students get really focused on delving into their personalities and writing their resumes using the strengths they learn about themselves. The mock job interviews are a culmination of their work done in class.”

KidsTek Executive Director, Rich Liner and Program Director, Andrew Bissland acted as the interviewers for the students during their last day of the summer program. Andrew said, “It was a pleasure interviewing the high school students in the summer camp. They were well-prepared and took the activity seriously. I think this experience will really help them be more ready for real-world interviews!”

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