Middle Schoolers Use Scratch

Middle Schoolers Use Scratch

KidsTek at North Middle School in Aurora has started a new and exciting project!  Instructor Nila Sharifai did some research into the computer science programs that Google provides, called CS First, and decided it would be a good fit for this group.  This course takes place over 6 different KidsTek classes, and will teach students how to build music and sound-themed projects in using the object-oriented programming environment called Scratch.

Students will learn through different resources including lectures, videos and examples, and how to code their own projects on the Scratch website. Upon completion of this project, each student will receive a certificate to celebrate their achievement.

North student Mario Carrillo says “CS First is one of the most fun things I have gotten to do so far in KidsTek. I am learning that you can change characters and make awesome music in Scratch.”

Good luck in your projects, North students!

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