May 2018 – Maria Jose Lopez

May 2018 – Maria Jose Lopez

This month KidsTek is acknowledging Maria Jose Lopez, first grade student at STRIVE Prep-Ruby Hill, as Student of the Month; or as her KidsTek Instructor noted, “Student of the Year!”

KidsTek Instructor Kiki Andriani said choosing a student of the month from her class was a tough decision as there were so many potential nominees out of her class of 1st and 2nd grade students at STRIVE Prep-Ruby Hill. Kiki decided to nominate Maria because of her consistency and passion for learning.

“Maria is a stellar student! She is always on task, as well as a great listener with such a kind and gentle demeanor,” Kiki said. “She is consistently thorough with her assignments– frequently going above and beyond expectations. In addition, Maria is a quick learner! I can demonstrate something once and she’s on it. It’s impressive how quickly she grasps new information. Maria is truly a pleasure to have in class!”

Congratulations Maria, KidsTek was so excited to have you in our classroom this year!

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