May 2017 – Lazarus West

May 2017 – Lazarus West

Lazarus is a senior in KidsTek’s Business Computing class at North High School in Denver.  He has shown to be both respectful, and a hard worker.  Since the beginning of the school year, Lazarus has pushed himself to learn, and has continuously impressed us with his maturity and fun-loving personality. Not only has he worked hard in class, but also accepted the challenge to speak at KidsTek’s annual Gala in front of almost 250 people. Luisa Zamora, KidsTek Instructor at North High School says, “Lazarus is a kind, thoughtful and determined student. He is quick to help out others and ask questions for clarity. I am constantly appreciative of his positivity in class. It has been an awesome year getting to know such an important and integral student to our class community.”

This fall, Lazarus will be attending CU Boulder to study Engineering.

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