Marketing Guru Visits North High School

Marketing Guru Visits North High School

KidsTek is passionate about helping students find the connection between technology and their dreams of the future. One of the ways we provide this is by providing relatable, engaging classroom speakers for our high school students.

Aimee Meester, founder and Chief Marketing Aficionado at Madison Taylor Marketing, works with KidsTek on our day-to-day marketing initiatives. She does a great job in spreading the word about all KidsTek does in the Colorado community. She also helps with the marketing and management of KidsTek’s annual fundraising events.

Aimee spoke with our North High School students about different marketing strategies, and focused specifically on marketing through social media. She informed the students that marketing has evolved significantly and continues to evolve as social media grows and changes. During Aimee’s presentation, the students brainstormed ways to advertise for a specific business while Aimee led them through different marketing ideas and techniques.

Aimee also shared her story of hard work, determination, and passion for marketing. It was not an easy journey for her to get where she wanted to, but her willpower and people skills helped her persevere to get there.

Thanks for being an inspiration, Aimee!

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