Leeds Students Give Gifts to KidsTek Class

Leeds Students Give Gifts to KidsTek Class

As a business student at CU Boulder in the Leeds Scholars Program, it is a requirement to do an outreach project to impact the community in some way during your sophomore year. Three years ago, a group of Leeds students reached out in hopes to partner with KidsTek students at Denver’s North High School. Each year since then, a different group of sophomore students from the Leeds Scholars Program have stepped forward to take on this project and host the KidsTek students on campus for a special day filled with valuable information and fun.

This year, CU students Maggie Perry, Zach East, Cameron Carlson, Siobhan Cleary and Oskar Wells were the minds behind planning a trip for KidsTek students from North High School to visit Boulder’s campus. The Leeds students visited North a number of times to get to know the students, give them advice on life after high school, and to give them feedback on scholarship applications. You can imagine the disappointment when, one day before the trip was to take place, CU Boulder closed campus due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Although the KidsTek students missed out on the opportunity to visit campus and hear more about the college experience, the Leeds students still wanted to give a gift to each teen they had worked with. The team had raised a good amount of money and decided that in these challenging times, they wanted to give each student’s family a gift card to Target. KidsTek Program Manager Meghan Lang mentioned, “I was so pleased to hear the CU Boulder students wanted to give our families a gift card. Target is the perfect place because each individual family can decide if they want to get something more practical, or treat themselves to something fun! The group of students this year were really invested in our high schoolers and it was so kind to follow through with a nice gift during such a weird time. Thank you Maggie, Zach, Cameron, Siobhan and Oskar! We appreciate the hard work you put forth throughout the year to add value to the lives of our students.”

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