Leeds Business Scholars host KidsTek Students at CU Boulder

Leeds Business Scholars host KidsTek Students at CU Boulder

KidsTek, along with our Business Computing class from Denver’s North High School, were invited to be Buffs for a day on April 18th thanks to our hosts: a group of sophomores in the Leeds School of Business. While our field trip to the University of Colorado Boulder’s campus only lasted a day, KidsTek has been working with the CU Boulder students for the entire school year.

As a business student at CU Boulder in the Leeds Scholars Program, it is a requirement to do an outreach project to impact the community in some way. Leanne Sigman, Nick Sodnicar, Cole Morrill, Nick Leitmayr, Robbie Singh, and Kaley Kris, all Leeds Scholars at CU Boulder, wanted to focus on an aspect of education. The partnership started off with two visits from the college students to North High School. At the first visit, the business sophomores prepared a presentation on college life and answered questions as a panel. KidsTek asked them to return in February to lead a scholarship writing workshop where each North High School student practiced writing college application essays.

On the day of the trip, KidsTek students and staff rode a charter bus to Boulder where we were welcomed by the Associate Dean for Undergraduate Affairs before starting our campus wide tour. Student Nicholas Sodnicar led the KidsTek group through campus while sharing fun facts ranging from the origins of the infamous C-minus engineering building to the reason why Ralphie the Buffalo, CU Boulder’s live mascot, is kept in a secret location on non-game days. We ended the tour by visiting a freshman business class, Communication Strategy, where the KidsTek students were given a surprise project. Their assignment was to discuss the pros and cons of diversity in the tech industry then present their argument at the end of class. What argument did the KidsTek students choose? Devon Martinez, North High School junior, summed up their presentation by stating, “Laundry is the only thing that should be separated.”

Darrell Zechman, Director of the Leeds Scholars and Honors Programs, led us into our afternoon with a brief presentation on what to expect as a business student. He was followed by Monica Sindwani and Joe Duarte, Program Managers for Leeds Diversity Affairs, who spoke about how to make the transition to college less intimidating and how to find a comfortable space on a large college campus.

To wrap up the day, KidsTek was invited to eat lunch at the C4C, one of CU Boulder’s dining halls, with the CU Boulder students, speakers and Juan Vargas — a KidsTek alum in his senior year at CU Boulder. Afterwards, we headed back to the Leeds Business School where we were greeted by David Wolf, managing principal of BSW Wealth Partners and one of the main project donors, who presented a donation to purchase laptops for KidsTek students.

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