Laptop Giveaways!

Laptop Giveaways!

One of KidsTek’s goals is to get more computer hardware into the homes of the students we serve.  Throughout the school year, KidsTek gives away laptops to students in our middle school and high school programs.  For the middle schoolers, one or two students are chosen per class session.  Winners are selected by KidsTek instructors based on attendance, participation, respect, kindness, and need.  For high school students, those who earn a laptop at the end of the school year must pass the class with a ‘C’ or better.  On the designated day, KidsTek staff brings a certificate for each student receiving a laptop and has a ceremony to hand them out. The excitement in the room is visible and the students obviously enjoy being rewarded for their hard work.

The laptops we award to our students are collected from various sources.  KidsTek gladly receives computer donations from different companies as long as they meet certain requirements.  We also get laptops from one of two local non-profit technology refurbishers in the Denver area.  Community Computer Connection and PCs for People are both excellent organizations that KidsTek has worked with for many years

KidsTek loves to reward our wonderful students with something that can help them achieve the future of their choice!

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