KidsTek’s Nancy J. Sauer Memorial Scholarship

KidsTek’s Nancy J. Sauer Memorial Scholarship

Each year, KidsTek awards a scholarship to one of our high school students. The process has begun for the 2016-2017 school year, and our seniors are working on mindfully filling out their scholarship applications.

Cindy Miller, long-time volunteer and supporter of KidsTek, manages the scholarship program. The scholarship is named to honor the legacy of Nancy Sauer, former KidsTek board chair. Cindy explained that the scholarship was founded because: “KidsTek’s mission doesn’t end when the kids leave high school.  We want to impact their education and life beyond that. This scholarship is one small way to help.”

The committee who chooses the recipient includes Cindy Miller, Ron Sauer (Nancy’s husband,) and several KidsTek board members. The committee chooses one or two winners per year, depending on funding available and the number of applicants. Winners get $1000 for their freshman year at whatever accredited institution they choose to attend.  If students stay in college with passing grades, they are awarded another $1000 for their second year.

Cindy shared, “We look at how the applicant is doing in school, how well they articulate their goals and the impact of KidsTek, and especially how going to college is going to help them achieve their goals. It’s always a tough decision.” We are in our fifth year of awarding the scholarship, and are starting to see the results: our very first scholarship winner graduated college last month from Denver Metro State, earning a 4.0 GPA during her final semester.

KidsTek is proud to be able to help our students continue their education after high school!

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